Minimum charge for 1 item is HK$130
No extra Charge for same day alteration
Fitting area included in the shop
The actual price may vary from the alteration difficulties.
Please bring in the physical clothing for quotation.
This price list is for reference only.

Hook & Eye / Snaps/ Poppers each - from HK$130
Make Darts from HK$130
Re-Hem from HK$130
Shorten /Plain lengthen from HK$140
Insert panel without/with lining from HK$240
Lengthen with Tape from HK$180
Shorten With Lining from HK$180
Shorten Additional Layer from HK$130
Take In Without Zip/let out from HK$150
Take In With Zip /let out from HK$200
Alter Neckline from HK$180
Alter Shoulders from HK$180
Shorten Straps from HK$130
Shorten Lined Straps from HK$140
Invisible zip - from HK$180
Shorten / Lengthen from HK$250
Shorten With Lining from HK$300
Shorten Additional Layer from HK$100
Take In / Let Out Without Zip from HK$280
Take In / Let Out With Zip from HK$300
Insert Panel from HK$280
Shorten Straps/Beaded from HK$180/from HK$250
Alter Shoulders with/without lining from HK$250
Invisible zip - from HK$200
Shorten Shirt Plain - from HK$130
Shorten Shirt with vents from HK$150
Shorten Plain Sleeves (short) from HK$130
Shorten Sleves with vents/cuffs from HK$200
Shorten Sleeves With Original Finish from HK$250
Make Dart from HK$130
Narrow Shoulders from HK$180
Turn Collar from HK$140
Take In Sides from HK$140
Take In double stitch from HK$180
Take In Sides & Taper Sleeves from HK$250
Taper Sleeves from HK$150
Each Repair from HK$130
Shorten from HK$140
Shorten Sleeves/shoulder from HK$140
Take In from HK$150
Repair Small Moth Hole from HK$130
Elbow Patches from HK$140
Shorten Jacket from HK$300
Shorten Coat from HK$400
Shorten Sleeve/ Plain from HK$300
Shorten Sleeves/ Shoulder from HK$380
Narrow Shoulders from HK$400
Take In Jacket from HK$300
Taper Sleeves from HK$250
Patch from HK$130
Elbow Patches from HK$200
Repair Zip Fastener from HK$130
New Zip – Jacket from HK$300
New Zip Padded Jacket from HK$350
Re-Line 3/4 Length Coat from HK$950
Re-Line Full Length Coat from HK$1300
Cushion Cover with zip up to 40cm from HK$140
Cushion Cover with zip up to 70 cm from HK$180
Sofa Cushion Seating with zip –up to 50cm -from HK$350
Sofa Cushion Seating with zip – up to 90cm -from HK$400
Shorten from HK$130
New Hole from HK$30
New Leather Hole from HK$30
Shorten Plain from HK$130
Shorten Wide from HK$150
Lengthen With Tape from HK$140
Shorten With Turn Ups / Vent from HK$140
Shorten Jeans / Chinos same thread from HK$130
Shorten Jeans with Original Finish from HK$140
Shorten with Zip from HK$200
Taper Leg trouser up to knee 2/4 seam from HK$180
Tapet Leg trouser up to crotch 2/4 seam from HK$200
Taper Leg jeans up to knee 2/4 seam from HK$200
Taper Leg jeans up to crotch 2/4 seam from HK$240
Take in / let out waist trouser from HK$140
Take in waist and seat trouser from HK$150
Take in waist and seat jeans from HK$200
Take in hips & half leg from HK$180
Repair Seam from HK$130
Re-Hem – 1 leg from HK$130
Re-Hem (2 legs) from HK$180
Take Off Pockets from HK$130
½ Pocket from HK$130
New Pocket (1) from HK$140
Patch small / medium / large - from HK$130-from HK$150-from HK$180
Patch 2 crotch- from HK$150
New zip plastic/metal from HK$130
Shorten With 1 or 2 Vents from HK$400
Shorten Plain Sleeves from HK$220-from HK$300
Shorten Sleeves With Vent / Buttons from HK$300
Shorten Sleeves From Shoulder from HK$350 (No This Services)
Lengthen Jacket from HK$400
Lengthen Plain Sleeves from HK$300
Lengthen Sleeves With Buttons/ Vent from HK$300
Elbow Patches from HK$140 (No This Services)
Elbow Leather patches from HK$180 (No This Services)
Take In from HK$250
Take In 1/ 2 / 3 Seams from HK$250
Taper / Let Out Sleeves from HK$180
Let Out from HK$180
Narrow Shoulders from HK$380 (No This Services)
Narrow + Shorten Shoulders from HK$450 (No This Services)
Re-Line with sleeves & pockets from HK$900 (No This Services)
Re-Line Without Sleeves from HK$500 (No This Services)
New Sleeve Lining from HK$300 (No This Services)
Take Off Pockets from HK$130
Repair Pocket from HK$130
Zip plastic/metal - from HK$250
Shorten Sleeves from HK$130
Shorten Plain Top from HK$130
Shorten Top With Vents from HK$140
Take In from HK$130
Shorten Straps from HK$130
New zip from HK$130
Xsmall -from HK$25
Small - from HK$30
Medium - from HK$40
Large - from HK$55
Xlarge -from HK$70
*Stitching on leather/with lining price higher
Shorten Trousers from HK$200
Shorten Skirt from HK$250
Take In Skirt Waist from HK$250
Take In Waist & Hips from HK$250
Take In Trouser Waist from HK$250
Taper Leg from HK$250 - from HK$350
New Zip from HK$200
Shorten front plain from HK$450
Shorten full plain hem from HK$750
Shorten extra layer of netting from HK$250
Re Styling Hem from HK$1000
Attach more beading (per hour) from HK$350
Shorten plain sleeves from HK$300
Shorten detailed sleeves from HK$400
Tapering Sleeves from HK$300
Lifting shoulders from HK$400
Shorten straps from HK$300
Insert new zip from HK$500
Shorten Skirt from HK$130
Shorten With Lining/vent from HK$150-from HK$180
Lengthen from HK$150
Lengthen With Tape from HK$180
Let Out Waist from HK$150
Take In Waist/Darts from HK$150
Take In Hips from HK$130
Take In Waist & Hips from HK$180
Re-Line (Full Length) from HK$280
Re-Hem from HK$130
Re-Hem by Hand from HK$150
New Elastic from HK$150
New zip - from HK$140
Shorten Shoulders- from HK$200
Let Out / Take In 2 Seams from HK$180
Shorten Coat Plain from HK$350
Shorten Coat Lenght With 1 / 2 /3 Vents from HK$380-from HK$450-from HK$490
Shorten Sleeves from HK$250
Shorten Sleeves With Buttons from HK$300
Shorten Sleeves From Shoulder from HK$350
Take In 1/ 2 / 3 seams from HK$280-from HK$380
Narrow Shoulders from HK$400
Repair Zip Runner from HK$130
Re-Line ¾ Length Without Sleeves from HK$700
Re-Line Full Length Without Sleeves from HK$1000
Re-Line (3/4 Length) from HK$900
Re-Line (Full Length) from HK$1200
Re-Line Sleeves from HK$270
New zip from HK$250
Label all way round - from HK$130
Label with elastic- from HK$180
Shorten Shirt Sleeves from HK$130
Shorten Trousers over 10yrs from HK$130
Shorten Children’s Trousers from HK$130
Shorten Skirt from HK$130
Shorten Coat from HK$150
Shorten Coat Sleeves from HK$150
Shortening Curtains from HK$100/m
Shortening With Lining from HK$120/m
Shortening With Thermal/Blackout lining from HK$140
Join 2 Panels - from HK$100
Made To Measure Curtains from HK$90/sq.M
Curtains With Lining from HK$120/sq.M
Curtains With Blackout from HK$150/sq.m
Net Curtains Shorten from HK$50/sq.m
Tape – Stitch Only from HK$20/m
New Tape from HK$40/m
New Tape + Stitch - from HK$50/m
New Lining from HK$200
Repair Seam from HK$130
Runner from HK$130
Stitch Handle from HK$130
Zip 15 – 40 cm from HK$200

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