Do you have any changing area for fitting?

Yes! We provide fitting area for customer to do first fitting for alteration measurements. Also, we will do the final fitting to make sure clothing is fit to customers.

What payment methods do you accept?

(Note: We do NOT accept octopus card)
*Please FB or IG message us to send you our payment details.

– Cash
– ATM Bank Transfer
– Payme (Pls whatsapp us the payme link.Our Profile Pic is a Golden Lotus Flower. )
– Credit card online with 4% Surcharge

Do you provide same day alteration service?

Yes, we do same day alteration.

Is it more expensive for same day alteration?
No, we provide rush alteration service for urgent customers with no extra charge. This is because alteration pricing depends on tailor working hours. Pricing is not depends on how rush is the order. Rush order or regular order do not affect total processing time of alteration.

Can all items can do same day alteration?
No, every alteration operation has their own essential processing time, not all items can do same day alteration.
For examples, shortening a trouser or dress can do within few hours. If you can come at noon or afternoon, it can pickup at night. However, for some complicated operation, it may take more than one day. Tailor will tell you that we cannot do same day alteration for you.

Can you provide any quotation?

In Person
Yes, you can bring your item to our shop in person. Then, our tailor will give you quotation after first fitting. The price is very much depends on the time needed, and the time needed depends on the complexity of the clothing.

No, we do NOT provide any alteration quotation online. You can send us photos to have a roughly estimation of pricing through Facebook or Instagram message. We do not provide WhatsApp message service at the moment.
Therefore we need to see some photos of the clothing in order to quote you the price. Please send us some photos of the internal structure, especially the seam allowance areas.

What kind of photos should I send to get online estimated price?

1: Take few photos of you wearing the clothing in different angle
2: Take photos of the internal areas by flipping the clothing inside-out
3: Close up shots of the seamless allowance/ any area of special attention
Please send to Facebook or Instagram message, our customer service officer will reply you as soon as possible.

If I am not available to pick up items within 7 days, what is the surcharge and arrangement ?

First of all, you can settle the payment by PAYME or FPS and sent us receipt through Facebook or Instagram message.

Next, you can arrange any Third Party delivery company to collect your clothing.
Below are some companies you may use:
SF Express (Tel: 2730-0273)
Lalamove (Tel: 3701-3701)
Gogox (Tel: 3590-3399)

Pleases pick up your clothing within 7 days after we inform you to collect. Otherwise, we will treat the clothing as a storage item and storage fees will apply.
After 6 months, if we still cannot reach the customer/ lost contact of the customer, the clothing will be treated as Unclaimed item. It will be disposed accordingly without notifying/ compensating the customer. We do not take any responsibility for disposal of the clothing.

Can I store my clothing in your shop?

Yes, you can drop off your clothing in Tsim Sha Tsui shop and then we will ship it to our Yuen Long warehouse. Our storage fee is either HK $20/ $40/ $60 per month etc. , depending on the size and weight of the clothing. Less than 1 month will also be treated as 1 month time. For better storage environment, the clothing will be stored in our warehouse in Yuen Long. To pick up the clothing, please let us know 1 day in advanced.

How can I book an appointment? Can I walk-in?

Yes, you can book an appointment online via our FB or IG (sorry we do not provide telephone bookings).

It is necessary for you to make an appointment. Since we do not have a fixed shop opening hours, our tailor works at Tsim Sha Tsui shop according to customer’s appointment. After completing all customers’ orders, tailor will leave the shop. You can walk-in but its better to make a phone call +852 24433390 to check whether we have staff in the shop.

For Laundry, Custom made items & Alterations
3/F, Shop T-042, The Capital, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
TST MTR Exit B2 (walk 4 min)

For Storage
Tsim Sha Tsui Shop – appointment for drop off
Yuen Long area – free local driver door to door pickup your items
Other areas – please provide address to have courier quotation

What should I be aware of before attending my alteration appointment?

Once you booked an appointment, please be on time and attend accordingly.
Please let us know in advanced for urgent same-day request. Otherwise, the alteration will be assumed to be next day pick-up. Especially during wedding peak seasons or weekend, there is a high chance that same day alteration is not possible. Most of the time same day alteration is not possible for heavily beaded evening dresses/ Needle& Thread dresses/ complicated re-design of a dress/ alteration of suit jacket sleeves.

Also, to get a good fit, please remember to bring the suit jacket/ shirt/ shoes/ underwear/ vest/ any garments that you will wear on the event day, as this may affect the measurement and hence, the alteration result.

Our tailor need to see the actual physical clothing in order to determine whether it can be altered or not. This is because some clothing needs to hold it to know all details and price.

For any change in appointment, or any questions, please chat with customer service through FB or IG. We also have Fashion Designer that can follow up complicated cases.


Can you take in or let out a wedding dress/ bridal gown?

Yes! It is a very common practice nowadays to purchase wedding dresses from outlet or any second hand sources. Even you bought the dress from a Tailor-made shop, your body may change over time. Therefore, the wedding dress may not 100% fit to your body. Altering wedding dress is very common practice, and Tailor Auntie has much experience on handling these cases.

Can you redesign or restructure my dress?

We provide redesign and restructure service. However, not all the clothing can be done, very much depends on the structure and many other factors. Please send us more photos and your requirement via FB/IG for initial consultation.

Can you alter dresses which are heavily beaded?

Depends on the Beadings:
Scenario 1) Beadings are not large and can fit into the sewing machine.
Estimated Price: From HK$580
Remove beadings plus close endings of a thread. HK$10 per beading. Minimum 1 week processing time. Suitable for dresses with less amount of beadings.

Scenario 2) Beadings are too large and cannot fit into a sewing machine.
Estimated Price: From HK$580
Instead of using sewing machine, Tailor will sew the dress by hand, without extra charge. However, please beware that this might result in a thick and unnatural look. Minimum 1 week processing time.

Scenario 3) Dress with many beadings plus large size beadings that cannot fit into the sewing machine
Estimated Price: From HK$1,500
We will bring your dress to the warehouse to alter. Minimum 1 month processing time. This alteration need to pay full amount on Day 1 and non-refundable.

– For Needle and thread dresses: most of the alteration cannot be completed within the same day, except for shortening of hem. Estiamted Price from HK$180.
– To get a quotation for Beaded Dress alteration, we must see the actual physical dress. Online photos are difficult for us to estimate the price.

My wedding dress is too small. Can you make it bigger?

Yes, and there are usually 3 ways to widen a wedding dress:

Method A) Convert zipper to back straps (lace-up) style
Changing the dress to lace-up can gives you much flexibility in terms of body fit. You can adjust the straps according to your size, giving a body-fit look. Of course, whether we can do the alteration depends on the dress and your requirement. This is also a complicated and time-consuming process and therefore, this method is the most expensive option, may take up to 2 weeks to complete.
To change a wedding dress from zipper to strap style, here is the detailed procedures:
Step 1: You need to wear the dress and let our tailor do some measurements.
Step 2: Since the zipper and most of the back fabrics will be cut off, you need to bring in some fabrics as replacement. We do have limited stocks in the shop, but not much. And the fabric/ colour/ materials may not match exactly with your wedding dress. Therefore if you have high standard/ sensitive to colour, we suggest you to bring in the fabric by yourself to us. You can purchase the fabric from the original wedding dress shop. Also, you may visit some local cloth stores or fabric markets to purchase the cloth. For example, Yen Chow Fabric Market in Sham Shui Po is a good option. Their google map link is: https://goo.gl/maps/B3qPWTZhqBwVL3A5A
Please purchase some cloth that is 2-4 metres in length, 1.5 metre wide. For more detailed measurements, please feel free to contact us. Once we receive the cloth, we will start process the dress. This is a lengthy process and takes around 2-3 weeks.
Step 3: For the back strap, we have plenty of stocks and most of the regular colours for the straps. Once we have all the required materials, it takes around 1-2 hours for this procedure, and the price for this is $400 (materials inclusive). For extra large sizes or special colour, we can assist you to order the fabric from manufacturers. We have sufficient colour samples for customers to choose, and it takes around 1-2 weeks for manufacturer to process. The price for this is $450 (materials inclusive).
Please note that some very special wedding dresses or evening gowns has specific design such that they look “fluffy”.  Only 1% of my customers has face this issue. In such case, after altering from zipper to back strap, extra work need to be done to tighten the 2 sides and hence a little more expensive (Extra $130-480).

METHOD B) Let out the 2 sides
To widen a wedding dress, the simplest way is to widen the 2 sides. We strongly recommend this to our customers, as this is the fastest and cheapest option. Depends on your wedding dress, the 2 sides can normally be widened by 1-10 cm, depends on the seam allowance. Most of the cases can be picked up on the same day.

METHOD C) Change zipper location
If your wedding dress has no or not much seam allowance, you can change the zipper location. This is also a good option, but this can only widen the dress for 1cm on each side, that means not much being extended. Most of the cases takes 1-2 days to complete.

Can you shorten or lengthen a wedding dress?

Shortening a wedding dress is very common, as the dresses are usually designed to be shorten.

Lengthening a wedding dress is the opposite. To lengthen it, you need to bring us your desired fabrics for alteration works.  A fabric cannot grow in length, so they only way to lengthen a wedding dress is to change the whole lower part of the wedding dress by replacing a new cloth. In other words, it is not an easy task as finding a fabric/ colour/ strength that matches with the upper body is difficult.

But don’t you worry. Tailor Auntie has a professional and experienced team of specialist to assist you, altering the dress to the best result such that any extra work done is invisible and blend in seamlessly with your design.

When is the best time for me to alter my wedding dress?

Altering a wedding dress takes time and effort. We suggest you to come visit Tailor Auntie 1 month in advanced to better prepare for your big day. Our experienced team of specialist will give you many great tips and suggestions on how to alter and how to style your wedding dress. Get ready to shine!


Do you do same day alteration for trousers?

Yes, we do a lot of same day alteration of men’s trousers (with simple structure) normally with this pricing:
Shortening 2 Legs $130
Tightening 2 Legs $130
Shortening + Tightening: $220
Complex Trousers (with difficult structure): +$60
Keeping original Jeans bottom design: +$60
Sealed Trousers: $220 per Operation
Waist tightening: $220-280

Do you do Bridal Dress alterations only?

Other than wedding dress alteration, Tailor Auntie cover all sorts of clothing items. Jeans, uniforms, menswear, casual wear, suits, costumes, trousers, jackets, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, shirts…even curtains. Also, we have received many orders for altering Traditional Chinese Chipao (旗袍), Cheongsams (長衫), Qungua (裙褂) and Longfenggua (龍鳳褂).

In addition, other than clothing alteration, we also provide Custom Made fashion service, Steaming & Pressing service, Dry Cleaning & Laundry service, as well as garment storage service. Chat with Tailor Auntie now and we can “tailor made” a solution for you.

Do you do alterations for men’s suit & causal wear?

Yes! Tailor Auntie is experienced in terms of men’s suit alteration. We can make it fit perfectly on you. We have long term operation with designer brand fashion shop to alter causal wear & suit.

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